119.95 kr

  • Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce (432 g) – 119,95 kr
    Rufus Teague’s first sauce and still the most popular of all. Honey Sweet has been winning awards nearly since the day it was concocted. Thick, rich and smoky sweet. This classic Kansas City barbecue sauce is absolutely loaded with real honey and perfect for grillin’, dippin’ or drinkin’ straight out of the bottle.
  • Touch O’ Heat BBQ Sauce (432 g) – 119,95 kr
    Kinda hot. Kinda not. This smoky, sweet, Kansas City barbecue sauce has just enough spice to make your taste buds jump into action. A Rufus Teague fan favorite, this is the go-to sauce for many competition BBQ teams and restaurants since it is packed with flavor and just the right amount of spice.
  • Blazin’ Hot BBQ Sauce (432 g) – 119,95 kr
    Get the extinguisher ready cuz this sauce ain’t messing around. Blazin’ Hot is thick and sweet just like a great Kansas City BBQ sauce should be, only it finishes with a delicious burn that you won’t soon forget. While this sauce is specifically made for those that like a ton of spice, it’s still balanced with a ton of sweet, smoky flavor that Rufus is known for.
  • Whiskey Maple BBQ Sauce (432 g) – 119,95 kr
    Old Rufus liked his whiskey, so he whipped up this sauce using real maple syrup and some of his favorite hooch. It has a fine boozy sweetness that’s perfect for barbecuing. The combination of whiskey and maple reduce down to make one intense flavor.
  • Smoky Apple BBQ Sauce (432 g) – 119,95 kr
    Enjoy the thick, rich flavors of Kansas City barbecue with a new twist… APPLE! This unique sauce will liven up any dish with a kick of tangy apple to complement its sweet and smoky goodness.