139.95 kr


Legendariska Jack Daniel’s har tre stycken fantastiska BBQ-såser som vi är lyckliga över att ha i vårt sortiment.

  • Original BBQ Sauce (553 g) – 139,95:-
    Jack Daniel’s Original BBQ Sauce is a true BBQ classic – balanced notes of dark brown sugar, rich ripe tomato, apple cider vinegar, and the unique mellow flavor of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey! A true American original, classic with a keen balanced flavor and a robust finish. Made with no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no corn syrup and gluten free.
  • Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce (553 g) – 139,95:-
    For an extra “kick” try Sweet & Spicy Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce and experience a bit of excitement with your meal or appetizers. This is blend of a little bit of heat and a little bit of sweet that delivers zip and zing but won’t overpower your pallet.
  • Honey BBQ Sauce (553 g) – 139,95:-
    A mellow BBQ sauce highlighting the smooth nature of real bee honey. Complex taste with layered notes of pineapple, tamarind and a light peppery finish. Jack Daniel’s Honey BBQ sauce features the rounded notes of honey from sustainably raised bees.
  • Ursprung: USA 🇺🇸